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Ventura SEO expert services approaches things a little bit different when it comes to search engine optimization. The biggest difference is that we do all website ranking ourselves and do it here in Ventura organically, we don’t outsource any rankings or links overseas and don’t have a huge overhead that you have to pay for. Hello, my name is Jack Lugo, my business partner Mike Miller and I have started here in beautiful Southern California Ventura County and I would like to thank you for visiting my site.

We rank for national and international keywords that get hundreds of thousands of searches every month !!

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We service ALL of California (seo camarillo, seo Oxnard, or Ventura just to mention a few) as well as some out of state clients who rank nationally! But let’s get this out of the way; right up front…I’m not desperate for your money. What I need, what fulfills me, what makes me happy, is to see you succeed! You won’t get any undue hype or spin from us…I’m too experienced for that…what you will get is results, pure and simple. NOTHING would make me happier than to know I had a hand in your success. So, please enjoy my site and if you are serious about your business, CALL US.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To excel in online reputation, one MUST be thoroughly trained in its art form and science. Our group of Ventura SEO experts has ranked #1 for over 20,000 of the hardest keywords in Google. With this experience that we have, we can assure you for first page ranking and now we are doing it for business owners who are really serious about their company online presence in Ventura County.

I was first introduced to SEO in early 2008 and much has changed since then. This is the reason for my continual education, so that I can provide my clients with the latest technology to keep them SAFELY RANKED. And we guarantee that, or you don’t pay. These days Google rolls out a different Penguin or Panda update every couple of months. If your site isn’t properly structured in its ranking strategy, it will slip farther and farther down the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) and may get penalized so recovery could be extremely difficult, but not impossible. We also offer Reputation Mangement and Recovery Services as well.

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This is what we mean by “Total Domination”

Understand that handing over your SEO to us is a lot like handing over your car to a master mechanic, a lot of things happen you don’t get to see and are unaware of. And for that precise reason you need somebody that is local, you can trust, and feel confident with. Being local, I can respond quicker – build trust, I’m a neighbor and will soon become your friend – and the confidence comes from, me, being in the latest technologies with the added bonus of my team that have over 1,000 websites ranked #1 for over 20,000 big dollar keywords. I am unequivocally on top of all of the latest changes that Google can and has implemented, especially over the last couple of years where many sites were de-indexed or penalized for using black hat techniques that may work at the start, but I promise you, they don’t last.. I can react to those changes quicker than most, thus preserving your rankings in many cases.

I know how to use websites that are socially driven, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp and others, to your advantage. And I do this all by using ethical SEO practices. Here’s a link where you can find out more about how I stay on the cutting edge without crossing that line. Your reputation is #1!

Another difference…
We mix our own “High Octane” fuel safely and organically.

A major factor in Google’s algorithms today, when it comes to ranking, is what type of high quality websites are linking back to your site. This is where a number of agencies outsource those links overseas which Google is very aware of and is penalizing those sites, or they use “poorly fueled” links that don’t give you the gas you require.

We are so positively different than most other Ventura SEO “professionals”, we know how to make the best fuel “organically” for your site, a safe technique learned from many years of experience.

Ventura Seo expert

SEO Done Right

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That could not have been said any better. And we believe it, that’s why we don’t worry about the algorithm changes that happen every couple of weeks and months. We stay true to our craft, and our rankings stick. They’re built using the best practices in the industry, so they are completely safe from “google boogey monster”, as my daughter calls it.



We also know how competitive business has become in this economy.

Did you know that advertisers in 2013 paid Google over $40 billion in an effort to get there website seen by millions. We can get you your website to be seen on Google without paying them a red cent. Plus, we can provide you with high quality web design, copy-writing, consulting and much much more.

If you run a company operating in the United States, Ventura SEO is essential to helping your business grow and prosper. SEO has been around since the late 1990’s and despite what others may say it is NOT going away. Even if you’re not entirely clear on the benefits of Internet Marketing let alone the importance of SEO don’t get left behind or be dominated by your competitors.

Bellingham SEO MOZ EXPERTSearch engines
Internet search engines are special sites on the Web that are designed to help people find information stored on other sites.
There are differences in the ways various search engines work, but they all perform three basic tasks:

  • They search the Internet — or select pieces of the Internet — based on important words.
  • They keep an index of the words they find, and where they find them.
  • They allow users to look for words or combinations of words found in that index.

Search engines like Google, drive the internet. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps people find information on the Internet by using organic terms or keywords, and this is what we excel at! I want to help you DOMINATE the search engines and get multitudes of new customers…I want your phone to ring off the hook with qualified, hungry leads because you’ll be ready to turn them into customers! We are the Best Ventura SEO expert company in Ventura County.

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Thank you.

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